Maine Spiral Staircase

514 Wilson Hill Rd.
Turner, Maine 04282
(207) 713-9904

Before Placing Your Order

Spiral Stair Treads in MaineWhat you need to know:

  • Have you talked to a building inspector?
  • Have you explained to your contractor that the unit comes with treads unfinished, unsanded and unattached and there’s no 2nd floor railing?
  • Does your contractor understand that the unit does not have deck (floor) on landing frame?
  • Does your contractor understand how to prepare shaft hole and make sure that there is enough room to get frame into building — need 36″ minimum hole, “straight shot”, (no hallway), for 5′ diameter?
  • Does your contractor understand that he/she needs to provide help to unload and carry in unit? If things are ready, we will help set up the frame and explain how to finish the project. As a rule, we do not install. Delivery does not mean set up and install.
  • There is a shipping charge to out-of-state orders.

What you need to give us to order a stair:

  • Floor-to-Floor Height
  • Spin of Staircase (described from bottom).
  • Landing Type.
  • 2nd Floor Rail Height.
  • 2nd Floor Deck Thickness (* may be 3/4 inch subfloor, 3/4 inch finish floor = 1 1/2 inch).
  • 2nd Floor Railing Type and Materials (if desired).
  • Because every unit is custom to height, spin, etc, we require half of the amount as a deposit before we begin building the stair.


We deliver to New Hampshire, Vermont, Massachusetts, Connecticut, New York and Rhode Island. Maine deliveries are free. Deliveries outside of Maine are at cost and are usually less than the state sales tax.